In The Navy

Hello Darling Readers,

As Carrie Bradshaw once said about the seasons in New York, overnight they just seem to "click". It appears that Autumn (or perhaps Indian Summer) is upon us and it's time to start layering our looks. 

In today's post, I am giving the #threewaystowear treatment to a fabulous navy, crepe dress from Cos. Cos is a British store that has recently opened a branch in Soho, NYC. I love their pieces - structural and androgynous and always cool. Check them out.

Here it is divas.


Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Wear with flatforms and statement jewellery. 

#2 For a more feminine take on it, wear with a vintage jacket and vintage shoes and even throw over a vintage belt to accentuate your waist. (I bought this jacket when I was 18 and I can still fit into it despite my well known penchant for cheeseburgers #winning #itsboundtocatchupwithmesoon)

#3 For a more chilly day, wear over jeans with boots and add a turban why not. Very Patricia Neal in Breakfast At Tiffany's. "CAT!"

Photos by the wonderful Denton Taylor, photographer to the stars!

And finally, if you find my body floating in the Hudson you can assume he did it:

Have a great week darlings. 

Never give up.


Dore Runway Show SS16

Hello Fashionistas,

Unless you've been living under a rock here in NYC, you'll know it's Fashion Week. Yesterday my trusty right hand man Denton and I attended the Dore Runway Show at the gorgeous Gramercy Park Hotel.

We quaffed prosecco and noshed on teeny tiny (aka model-sized) bacon sandwiches and saw the latest collection. As we entered the terrace we were greeted by about twenty models standing around on cubes. A touch disconcerting but we soon settled in and started to mingle with the fashionistas in attendance. Check out the photos below.

Happy #NYFW all.


Ruthie Darling xoxo

#The gorgeous terrace


#This is Heidi Nazarudin aka The Ambitionista who invited me to the party. Check out her incredible website.

# Fashionistas

#Below is the international photographer Wander Aguiar and his business partner. They both looked utterly fabulous in their suits and were charming to boot. Gotta love those Brazilian boys!
#Official shot
#On my way home#File this one under "keeping it classy....."

Last of the Summer Outfits

Hello Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday to you all. It seems like summer is finally cooling off here in NYC and I'm already eyeing up all of the Autumn-wear in the stores that I can't afford. #artistproblems #sendfreestuff

So, to honour the last days of summer, here is an adorable Topshop onesie dressed up #threewaystowear

Love to you all Darlings!

RD xoxo

#1 Wear over a stripey t-shirt, with red shoes and a bow in your hair. (A little matchy-matchy sure, but who cares I look like an adorable cupcake.)

#2 Dress the look up with a red jacket and tie a vintage scarf around your hair into a turban - instant glamour!

#3 Add a vintage cropped jacket and vintage lace gloves (these were my great grandmother's!!) for a romantic vibe.

Photos by the fabulous Denton Taylor

For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE to eat. With that in mind here is the final shot:

Mmmmmm Bagels.......

Fashion Blogger Brunch

Hello Darlings,

Last sunday I somehow managed to finagle my way into the fashion blogger brunch hosted by Sylvia at 40plusstyle

We noshed on eggs and mimosas at a darling cafe on the Bowery and in attendance were some of my absolute fashion heros. I was the baby of the group, so I listened attentively to the discussion about all things fashion, style and the business of blogging. As well as Sylvia, making up the seriously fabulous table were; Jean and Valerie aka the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, Lyn aka the Accidental Icon and Suzanne Carillo

Here are a few snaps, taken by the (self-proclaimed) king of the table, my dearest Denton Taylor who is apparently the fashion bloggers photog of choice. Get him whilst he's hot fellow blogstars!

#Threewaystowear coming back to you next week with a cheeky little NYFW post in there too.

Love to you all my darlings!

RD xoxo

#Bloggers discuss.....

#Talk about flattering. Here are the Accidental Icon and Jean of Idiosyncratic Fashionistas taking a photo of Suzanne and me!

#Posing with V&J
#More posing, this time with the Accidental Icon

#More discussion. Lyn told me about her latest campaign for Uniqlo check it out here

#The group shot
#And finally the man behind the lens Denton Taylor 
Have a great weekend darlings!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

Red Alert

Hello Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday from sunny (and I use that word ironically) London. Today on the blog I am wearing a fantastic asymmetric skirt bought in the Marks and Spencer's sale (who knew they were so cool!?)

The photos are again by the delightful Juliette.

Here it is #threewaystowear

#1 Wear with a shirt and jumper in neutral colours to really let the skirt shine. Add flatforms to keep it edgy.

#2 For a more romantic vibe wear with a sweet floral top and vintage heels. Perfect for a late summer brunch. Also please enjoy the incredible creepy door knocker....

#3 Go big or go home. Crop top, platform boots, massive church. DONE

Until next time fashion divas!

RD xoxo

London Calling

Happy Friday Fashion Darlings,

Today your English Girl In New York is actually in London! East london to be exact. The home of the best vintage stores, street art and disconcertingly cheap curries.

On the corner of Hanbury and Brick Lane I met my London secret weapon - photographer Juliette Carton. This fabulous girl is only 18 years old and is already pretty hot on the London music photography scene. Check out her website to see more.

The outfit I have on today is an oversized trapeze dress which I bought from a stall at Spitalfields Market. The young designer, originally from Thailand, says she has no brand name, website or instagram. So if you like the dress (there were many more colours and patterns) head over to Spitalfields and find her stall in the outside part of the market opposite the Leon. 

Here it is #threewaystowear

#1 Wear over skinny jeans and platform boots for a casual "yes I'm always this cool" look.

#Vintage the s*** out of the dress by belting it at the waist and adding some vintage heels and a vintage headscarf.

#3 Play up the unusual shape of the dress by wearing with flatforms and geometric sunglasses. A side pony ain't just for women in spandex leotards you know, rock that side pony with pride.

Thanks again to the wonderful Juliette

More London photos coming next week. Until then divas!

RD xoxo


Hello Fashionistas,

I am writing to you from sunny England where I have been for the last two weeks, visiting family and friends and hitting up the fabulous shops and markets of London town. Photos coming very soon....

Today on the blog I am showcasing a dress gifted to me by the wonderful online fashion mecca that is SheInside. Thanks team!

Here it is #threewaystowear 

Happy Summer my lovely FashionSquad!

Ruthie Darling xo

#1 If you're going to go all neon-cyclist-chic at least match the shoes too. Also be warned: whenever I wear this outfit I find myself singing "'let's get VISIBLE" in my head to the tune of Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical". Could just be me though...

#2 Overlay the skirt with another long lace number, belt it and add a hat. Also check out the Iris Apfel sunnies I have on. I bought them in an old lady pharmacy in Palm Beach. They were right next to the turbans...

#3 For a more romantic look, I added a cropped grey t-shirt, some hologram sandals and a statement necklace. Tones down the neon somewhat and gives the dress a more casual vibe. 

Photos by the wonderful Denton Taylor

Oh and just incase you thought I'd made it through a shoot without being a total idiot, think again:

Grayson Clothing Part Two

Hello Fashion Darlings,

I am currently typing this from sunny England! I'm here (and around Europe) for the month attending a wedding in a castle, hitting up the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and generally causing trouble! Before we get into the European photos though, here is the second part of the Grayson collaboration that we shot in Palm Beach, FL, last month.

The second item they generously sent me, was a pair of cosmic leggings. Worn here by the darling Cristina Flores. Cristina is a singer for a fabulous international band called The Social. Based out of Miami, they travel the world performing at parties for the glitterati. Check out their work here

Here we are #threewaystowear

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 A nod to the film Clueless (ugh as if), we threw on a loose, chiffon blouse and then added a tight crop top. Worn with bright pumps to complete the look. #winningattheleggingsgame

# 2 Go with the crazy pattern and, rather than trying to play it down, play it up and add a crazy patterned dress to it! Get ready to be noticed though (as if you weren't ready for that, divas)

#3 Okay, okay, they ARE leggings aka comfy, casual pants. I guess we can dress them down if you insist. Here they are with a metallic tee and some sneaks. Don't forget the 1950's frilly ankle socks though. 

A huge thank you to GraysonShop and to Cristina Flores

RD xoxo

Boyish Ways - Three Ways To Wear

Hey Fashionistas, 

Here's an extra little style post for the weekend. A fellow blogger and stylist Arianna Lopez of Boyish Ways, sent me her own three ways to wear! Check her out below and also take a look at her blog, it's so gorgeous,  I can't stop reading it. Every post is so on point and she's only 21! 

Here she is styling up these adorable cropped pants. Enjoy!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Wear with silver sneakers. Nuff said.

#2 Add a leather bomber and some chic sandals. YES.
#3 For an evening look, wear with killer shoes and a casual jacket.
Thanks Arianna!


Think Pink!

Greetings Fashion Geeks,

It's another steamy day here in NYC - the perfect excuse to IV iced coffee all day long (like I need an excuse). 

Today on the blog it's all about pink. This made me think of the fabulous musical number from the film Funny Face, called "Think Pink". Watch it here - it's like a a camp, musical, version of The Devil Wears Prada....on crack.....covered in glitter. 

Here is today's dress #threewaystowear

Have a wonderful, latte-filled day!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Let a dress like this shine. Add some super high heels and dance around in the street because, you know, that's normal...

#2 To give the dress a more 60's feel, I clipped in the underdress and let the lace fall like a cape. I added a little bow to my hair and some leopard print shoes. Oh, and you know how I feel about big necklaces....

#3 Belt the dress and add a ridiculous petticoat - as you know, fashion isn't fashion without a little of the ridiculous thrown in.

Dress: H&M
Outfit One: Shoes: Forever 21
Outfit Two: Shoes: Forever 21, Necklace & Hair Bow: Primark
Outfit Three: Petticoat: Vintage, Shoes: Necessary Clothing, Hat: Forever 21

Photos by the glorious Denton Taylor

Have a lovely week!

Grayson Clothing - Part One

Hello Fashionistas,

Today I am very excited to share with you my collaboration with the new clothing brand Grayson. They specialise in junior (stop laughing bitches) fashions at awesome prices. 

Last week I was lucky enough to receive two items from their current collection. Here is the first: a sweet, striped, cropped top - showcased here in my #threewaystowear

My model today is the actress Catharine League, who played Fredrika in 'A Little Night Music' with me in Palm Beach. Catharine is currently working at Disney World playing Ariel in the Little Mermaid. She is also a figure-skating-diva. Check out her video at the end of this post.
Here she is, enjoy darlings! Oh and check out Friday's post to see the other item they sent me, modeled by another actress from the show, Cristina Flores. 

RD xoxo

#1 Wear with a vintage petticoat. (Gone-With-The-Wind-chic?) The black booties give it a more modern feel "Flatley my dear, I don't riverdance" 

#2 For a forties nod, wear with high waisted linen trousers and an adorable headscarf. Catharine The Riveter ladies and gentlemen:

#3 For a more elegant look, wear with a satin wrap-around skirt and the obligatory Louboutins. Accesorise with palm trees, natch.

A big Thank You to Grayson Clothing and Catharine my model. 
Visit their website here and you can follow them on social media on these links:instagramfacebooktwitter and pinterest

Before I leave you, here is Catharine being ridiculously good at figure skating. Stop having so many talents dammit #upstager

Palm Beach Vintage Adventures

Hello Fashionistas,

Happy Friday darlings. Today on the blog I have a special guest, my cast-mate from 'A Little Night Music', Brittany Baratz. Brittany is the fabulous high soprano of our show and could be described as Joan Collins meets a Jewish grandma:  glamourous, always ready with a zinger and often providing the dressing room with sage words of wisdom. Check out her website to learn more about her talents and to see some video of her in action. 

As I continue to raid the costume department here at the theatre, I am finding some fabulous, and very Palm Beachy, gems. Here is Brittany modeling some of these vintage treasures. 

#1 Check out this awesome 1960's dress, worn with a turban and huge sunglasses....poolside naturally....

#2 This fabulous jacket is a old-lady statement piece of it's own. It's tropical print contains flowers and birds and is perfect thrown of jeans and a t-shirt for a more modern look 

#3 In case you were missing me readers, here I am up a tree (where else?) wearing a gorgeous skirt taken from a recent Le Liaisons Dangereuses production and worn with a crop top and sneakers

My thanks to darling Brittany for being such a fab model.

Oh and in case you thought I had made it through a photo shoot without doing something ridiculous, here is a photo of me falling out of the tree....

Keeping it classy 

Men's Fashion Week

Hello Darlings,

Whilst I'm sunning myself and belting out showtunes in Florida, New York has been hosting Men's Fashion Week. Although I could not be there, my Man-Friday Denton Taylor was on the ground to find some of the fashionistas on the scene. 

Have a gander at some of the fashionistas below.

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 A look I noticed appearing is the statement-coloured suit. Check out these beauties:

#2 Patterned trousers have long been a staple for us lady-fashionistas, but now men are getting in on the action and it's fabulous!

#3 See-thru shirts also made an appearance. Take a look at these peek-a-boo chaps

#4 Let's not forget about the stylish groups of friends that were spotted on the street. #squadgoals

#5 The prize for the hottest janitor in FW goes to this bearded gent
#6 I know it's men's fashion week, but we can't forget the chic ladies that were out and about

#7 Shout-out to this baby who is about to become NYC's most gorgeous sprog

Thanks to my darling Denton for the fabulous photos.


Bathing Belle (Turb Your Enthusiasm)

Happy Friday Fashionistas,

It's another beautiful day down here in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

My raiding of the theatre's wardrobe department is still going strong, so please enjoy this vintage turban which I am wearing poolside. I paired the darling hat with a cute Primarni swimming costume and some Louboutins - natch.

I'm well on the way to be mistaken for a native, just need to work on my, that might take a while......

Love to you all,

Ruthie Darling xoxo

Swimsuit is from Primark (last summer), here are some similar suits:

Opening Night

Happy Friday Fashionistas,

It's opening night down here in West Palm Beach! I am absolutely thrilled to be playing every acerbic-witted actress' dream role of Charlotte. #typecastandlovingit

One of the most marvelous things about working in theatres around the country for a fashion blogger can be summed up in two words: COSTUME SHOP. Endless racks of vintage clothing and costumes just dying to be taken out into the street for a fashion shoot. 

Over the next few posts I will showcase some of the delicious discoveries I have made whilst ransacking the wardrobe department at the Palm Beach Dramaworks. Shoutout to Wardrobe Mistress Linda Shorrock who is currently tied up in a storage closet.

First, a little 70's action. Cute, but **be warned** polyester and the Florida heat do not mix well. I smell great right now.

RD xoxo 

Dress and shoes: Vintage

Photos by: Nanique Gheridian - thanks!!!!

Picnic Princess

Darling Fashionistas,

Week two of rehearsals here in West Palm Beach are going well and I'm typing this from my dressing room, surrounded by glamourous showgirls. (It could be worse right?)

Today on the blog, I'm wearing an all red ensemble. The skirt is light enough for the scorching Florida heat and, in a pinch, can be used as a picnic blanket ;)

Happy Friday Divas!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

Top: Vintage
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Primark

Photos: the lovely Denton Taylor

For similar looks check out the links below!

Sail On Silver Girl

Hi Darlings,

Week two of rehearsals are beginning here in the land of the palm trees and strip malls and I am, sadly, without my beloved photographer. Today on the blog I can't bring you a #threewaystowear, but here is a little Outfit-Of-The-Day #ootd

Enjoy darlings! I'm off to learn lines on the beach #sorrynotsorry

Shorts: Forever 21, similar here
Top: Primark, similar here
Shoes: Vintage, but these are also darling

Photos by the one and only: Denton Taylor

Rachel Marie Designs

Hello Fashionistas,

Yesterday I landed in West Palm Beach, Florida, to begin work on 'A Little Night Music' at the Palm Beach DramaWorks. Hurrah! Of course I'm playing a Countess (FINALLY, the role I was born to play #royalty) and I'm in glorious Palm Beach. This means you can expect an upcoming #threewaystowear post featuring either Edwardian ballgowns or the Palm Beach uniform of a turban and kaftan, smoking a cigarette through a 2ft cigarette holder.  Something to look forward to...

Today on the blog however, I am featuring the beautiful jewelry of Rachel Marie Designs. I absolutely love her collection: glamourous yet subtle, with a distinctly vintage feel. Check out her website for more of her fabulous creations.

Here is the necklace she kindly gifted me worn #threewaystowear

#1 Wear with a high-necked dress so that the necklace has the perfect backdrop. Very Audrey Hepburn-chic. 

#2 For a more urban feel add a splash of neon. #downwiththekidsbruh

#3 FULL.OUT.GLAMOUR. This is not the rehearsal divas. "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still, I'm still....mainly shopping at H&M...."
Neon Necklace: River Island
Collar Necklace: H&M

Photos by the wonderful Denton Taylor

Happy Friday Darlings!

Heading For A Wedding #jk

Hey Fashion Darlings,

It's hotter than hell outside, so I am writing this sitting face first into the AC unit in a swimsuit #classssaaay

This week I am showcasing a vintage wedding dress worn in three different styles. I mean hey, if you are going to spend a month's rent on a dress, you may as well get some use out of it.

P.S Shoutout to the bride of the moment: Miss Gemma Glynn, whose glamourous Gatsby-esque wedding will, I'm sure, be gracing the pages of this blog very soon. 

Love and sweaty kisses,

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Wear with Louboutins. Nuff said.

#2 For a more daytime feel, throw over a little plaid shirt (especially if you're heading for a friend's performance art gig in Bushwick) and add a pop of colour with a vintage scarf worn around the head.

#3 For a little evening glamour, throw over a beaded jacket and add some vampy lipstick. 

Dress: Vintage
Outfit: Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Outfit Two: Shirt: Forever 21, Scarf: Vintage, Shoes: Bought in China
Outfit Three: Beaded jacket: Stolen from E's closet

Photos by the darling: Denton Taylor

Happy Tuesday Blogsters 

Snowman NYC

Hello Fashionistas,

Sometimes barging into someone's office and demanding they give you a raincoat to wear on your blog, actually bloody works! 


Of course, it probably helped that Korean was the main language spoken in the office - I think they just said "yes" to get rid of the odd, British girl stumbling about in white sunglasses. 

Anyway, who cares, it's the destination not the journey or something like that so, long story short, in this post I am collaborating with the NYC based outerwear company Snowman NYC.

With this inclement weather, a light, "shove-it-in-your-handbag" raincoat** is exactly what I need right now. 
(**not official name.....yet....)

Here is one of their waterproof raincoats styled up #threewaystowear. 

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Just because I'm not an Upper East Side mother yet, doesn't mean I can't dress like one. Wear your yuppie Hunter wellies with pride darlings! 
Optional: Accessorise with a baby named Gulliver or India.

#2 Wear over some wide-legged polka-dotted trousers and cinch that waist to within an inch of its life - you don't need to be able to digest until after lunch anyway.

#3 For more of a vintage feel, wear over an A-line skirt and matching crop top. Then hang out near a bunch of outdoor eateries hoping that someone will buy you a cheeseburger. (No one did btw and yes this is a overt attempt at a Shake Shack collaboration).

Raincoat: Snowman NYC
Outfit One: Dress: Forever 21, Scarf: Primark, Wellies: Hunter
Outfit Two: Trousers and Shoes: Primark, Scarf: Bought in Istanbul @The Grand Bazaar
Outfit Three: Top and Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Primark

Photos by the wonderful and amazing Denton Taylor

Thank You all at Snowman NYC!

At one point during the shoot I attempted to sit on one of these planters and, let's just say, well, I appeared to have the balancing skills of a drunk on an express subway train. We did manage to get one shot though, however I was so excited to have done it I look like a mental Morton Salt girl.