Advanced Fashion Part #1

Hello Darlings!

This week we have two very special blog posts featuring some "experienced stylistas" from Florida. Let me give you a little context here..... 

This November I find myself in Sarasota Fl, workshopping a new musical and staying at the idyllic Hermitage Artist Retreat. As a lot of people retire to this beautiful spot, I have been noticing some seriously divine "advanced fashionistas".  I decided that I had to feature some of them on Ruthie Darling and find out about how style and fashion develop as one matures. These ladies could teach me a thing or two!

Allow me to introduce to you our first advanced fashionista:

Lisa Rubinstein

Lisa Darling, thank you so much for being a part of the blog. Tell us what you are wearing here:

Two of my favorites, a painted silk vest created by Kate Beck of New Orleans and a Chan Luu cuff. Each year Kate comes to Sarasota for a contemporary craft show and I've bought something from her four times and love every unique piece. Saw the bracelet in Henri Bendel and next thing I knew it was a holiday gift. Sexy shoes by BCBG bought at Nordstom's Rack.
Can you describe your personal style?

I try to dress in a classic style but not too conservative. I like to include a little surprise to make me feel good. I come from and live in an artistic world so I like to be a little creative with what I'm wearing.

Where do you like to shop?


Do you have fashion rules?

Not really. I like to be open to new possibilities. Makes life and fashion more fun.

What is your favourite thing about getting older?

Perspective and a stronger sense of self.

Favourite city for fashion?

New York City: great people watching and wonderful stores. What more do you need?

What are your tips for dressing age appropriately yet stylishly?

Wear what you feel good in. Everyone has their own sense of what's stylish for them.

Will you be having a stylish thanksgiving? 

Very stylish! (She's spending it with me - duh) We are thankful to be sharing Thanksgiving with creative artists and friends. Expecting the food to be as fashionable as those eating it. Very, very stylish!

Thank you darling Lisa for sharing your gorgeous self with us. 

Sexy, fabulous and stylish. 

Photos: Cliff Roles