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Advanced Fashion Part #2

Hello Darlings!

Here is part two of my series showcasing experienced stylistas. This week we meet the fashion-forward Sharon Burde who mixes New York and Florida fashions effortlessly and has created a personal style that I adore. 

Here she is:

Sharon Burde

Sharon Darling, what are you wearing here?

John Fluevog shoes, Omo (Norma Kamali) leggings, Annette Gortz tunic, Kay Chapman jacket, “lifesaver" eye frames by Morgenthal Frederics, NYC

Can you describe for us your personal style?

I use a limited palette - black, red, white, occasionally royal blue.  Primarily, mostly black with red highlights in winter; red and black in summer, silver or white gold jewelry or craft jewelry and accessories. Simple A-lines always look great. "Color Me Beautiful" changed my life. Women of a certain age will understand.

Where do you like to shop?

I shop first in my own closet.  I never discard anything I love. I try to discard things I don’t...In Sarasota I shop at Dream Weavers. In NYC, at Ann Ahn, Madison Ave and at craft fairs, vintage shops, outdoor markets and little shops in every city.

Do you have any fashion rules?

Black with a bit of red works for me. I don’t even consider other colors…most of the time. Anyway I break rules, not make them!

What is your favourite thing about getting older?

I don’t care if my clothes are vintage…so am I.

What is your favourite city for fashion?

The one I’m in at the time…and NYC

Sunglasses: Mazza Marcotti

What are your tips for dressing stylishly, yet age appropriately?

Know what feels and looks good. Don’t overdecorate. Less is more. Wear red on gray days, consider weather and mood. Also a talented hair stylist is essential.  Dylonn Cole is my guy in Sarasota.

Sharon I want everything that you're wearing and at least a day playing dress-up in your wardrobe! Thank you so much for being a Darling. You are my new style guru!

Photos by the wonderful: Cliff Roles

XOXO Ruthie Darling
Ruthie Darling