An English Girl In New York

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Hi Fashion Kids,

It's Friday and the sun is a-shining in Manhattan. Here's my final look of the week with Sal's Three Ways To Wear. Have a great weekend, the spring is finally here - eat, drink and get into lots of trouble!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

Dress: Full Circle, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Forever 21

Photos: Denton Taylor

Sal's Three Way's To Wear:

#1. Add a Frida Kahlo type flower headress in yellow or black/ heeled ankle boots/ black shawl tied loosely across shoulders

#2. Add wide belt in a contrasting colour - red would be good and cropped black jacket for smart look

#3. Opaque tights / statement bag in a contrasting colour to dress  - try emerald green  and add matching shoes

Ruthie Darling