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The Brummie Returns

Hi Darlings,

Sorry about the hiatus from the blogging. For some reason I thought it a wildly fun idea to stage a one woman singing aerial show out in FREEZING Columbus Ohio for two weeks. I'm back now and finally regaining some feeling in my toes. (If you'd like to know more about that adventure please click here)

This week I bring you a special set of posts, special because they feature the style tips of the world famous "Sally" aka my Mum aka "Big Sal" aka "Sallaaaaaaaaay". Here she is in all her glory, inexplicably holding a balloon octopus and loving it. 

So here we go, look number one with Sally's Three Ways To Wear:

Skirt: Vintage,  Sweater: H&M, Necklace: Topshop (Christmas present from Sal) Boots: Necessary Clothing

# 1 Wear with fitted riding-style jacket in any colour (the brighter the better!) Keep the rest simple - black camisole, ankle boots and tights.

#2 Wear hair in plaits (that's braids for you Americans bless you) coiled around head for sweet look with ballet pink leotard under skirt and pink ballet shoes - keep it simple and pretty and add statement jewels in opaque colours.

#3 Wear 'sloppy joe' off-the-shoulder sweater (any colour would look cool). Hair loose, but tied with a pretty scarf and of course rough it up with biker boots - it's all about contrast.

Photos by the wonderful: Denton Taylor

Thanks Mum, for this and well, everything - the potty training etc. By the way for you 'Mericans who don't know what a Brummie is see here

Ruthie Darling