An English Girl In New York

New York Fashion Week Part Two

Hi Darlings,

As Milan fashion week draws to a close, we fashionistas can breathe a sigh of relief and reflect upon what is up and coming for us this year in terms of our sartorial choices. In the second part of my NYFW roundup, I am sharing with you the final shows that spoke to me. I hope you like them too.

First up, Lie Sang Bong where we saw velvet, leather and Victoriana - a big trend for this year divas. Rock that Queen Vic chic.

The next show was the Veronica Beard presentation. A favourite of mine as the collection seemed to have a distinctly English countryside vibe. Natural colours, florals and pale skinned redheads (yes!). They looked like they were all having a weekend at their country pile and about to hit up the local gastropub. All of this in the glorious setting of the grand hall of the Highline Hotel 

I'm in love with that model. I saw her at several events and to me she always stood out. I think we're friends on IG. (And by friends I mean she liked the photos of her that I posted and nothing else on my feed, but hey that's something.....maybe.....ahhh she's too cool for me. I can't blame her)

The epic ceiling....

In case you're missing my visage here I am several (free) red wines deep

The Mattieu Mirano presentation was fun. The stylist decided to add turtles to the scene which provided much hilarity - if you go to my instagram you can see several videos of models being harassed by the little creatures. 

Loving the side eye here.

That's it for NYFW babies. More Ruthie Darling posts on Friday!

Have a great week!

RD xoxo