An English Girl In New York

Pantaloon Party

Hello my little fashion kittens,

Today I am thrilled to be wearing another Emily Cremona piece - pantaloons no less! Now THAT is vintage-chic darlings. I resisted an almost overpowering urge to style them up with a parrot and hook-hand and instead went for these three looks. I collaborated again with my wonderful photographer Denton Taylor. It's good to be back Denton even though you drive me crazy ;) Here it is #threewaystowear 

#1 Wear with an elegant and simple striped top and cinch in the waist with a belt. Add a touch of flair with some leopard print booties. Finding some bonkers places to pose in this outfit gets you extra points - see below.


#2 Okay, time for a little glamour here. Wear with a vintage floral blouse, accessorizing with gold accents. Throw on the Louboutins and you're all set. Not ideal for walking around central park, but lord knows I love a challenge.

#3 Regular readers of this blog will know my love for Norma Desmond and other old, slightly demented, movie stars. You too can sport this look, dear fashionistas! Turban or headscarf - check. Fur collared jacket - check. Oversized sunglasses that are so dark they make you walk into glass doors at delis - check.

That's it for this week darling readers. More fun and fashion coming up on Tuesday. Big thanks to Deena of Emily Cremona and my doll Denton Taylor. 

Oh and just in case you thought I could resist.....

Keeping it classy.....


Ruthie Darling xoxo