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Freudian Slip

Hello Darlings,

Happy Friday to you all. I'm very pleased to announce that as of this week I am now the fashion correspondent at The Bushwick Daily. Woop! You can check out my first article here, I'm the Bill Cunningham of Bushwick!

Today on the blog I am giving the #threewaystowear treatment to a vintage slip dress. Nightwear worn in the day (including pyjamas!) was a huge trend that I spied during fashion week this year so, here it is style queens.


Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Add a vintage petticoat and throw over a soft, silk shirt. I dyed this shirt with the help of my friend Deena using only flowers and herbs. I am going to make a video showing the technique soon. It's super cool, very easy to do and makes the most beautiful designs and patterns. It's also organic which is pretty dope. No shoes really add to the woodland nymph/insane-to-be-barefoot-in-New-York vibe. Hey, it worked for Sandy Shaw...

#2 If walking around in a slip is too much for you, layer another dress over the top. I love the muted shades in this one, not to mention the tulip shape. Toughen up the look a little with boots. 

#3 To add a little edge, tie a neon scarf around you and add a neon neckpiece too. I really love the mix of vintage and modern.

Thanks as always to my darling photographer Denton Taylor, the man, the legend. 

See you next week fashionistas. Don't forget to follow along on instagram and facebook


Ruthie Darling xoxo