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Decolletage Delight


It's been a busy time here at Darling HQ. Here is the brief run down:

  • I booked a couple of acting jobs (info at the bottom of the page)
  • I wrote an article for Salon which you can read here
  • I became Fashion Editor at The Bushwick Daily you can read some articles here and here
  • I also just had a birthday - grateful to be alive!

Okay, so now that's out of the way, here is my latest #threewaystowear featuring this off-the-shoulder top I picked up in the Zara sale - bargain! Photos as usual by the man who never gives me a bloody inch Denton Taylor

#1 Wear with capri-style navy jeans and sky high heels to match. Very chic. Sitting by a lake deffo helps this vibe.

#2 For a super sexy look, add a skin tight pencil skirt and some bright pumps. Taking the hair up really highlights your decolletage (and that lovely rope-burn I have on my left should from last week's trapeze class - stay classy Ruthie)

#3 A more structured look can be achieved by adding oversized culottes. Fresh and cool for summer.


Just when you thought those shoes couldn't get any cooler, check out the glitter-sole. (Glitter Sole/Soul may end up being the name of my auto-biography....)

Thank you as always to Denton Taylor for putting up with me.

Theatre endeavors below.

Enjoy the weekend fashionistas!


Ms Darling

I will be playing Meg in The Last Ship at The Pioneer Theatre, UT info here

After that I head to Ohio to play The Spiderwoman in Kiss Of The Spiderwoman (on trapeze and silks!) info here

Ruthie Darling