An English Girl In New York

Kiss Of The Spider Woman

Hi Darlings,

Sometimes you just gotta get sexy. When my friend Gina of the blog WhatTheDoost handed me this dress and said "It's sooo you!" I wasn't sure quite what to say. She was getting rid of some stuff so we met up at her apartment and she hooked me up with some of her cast-offs. It's the best way to shop, darlings! As I'm playing the Spider Woman later in the year, I figured this dress was a good introduction to my spidery ways. Here it is #threewaystowear

# 1 Dress it down with some converse sneakers. Add some neon laces for a little flair.

"And the moon grows dimmer
At the tide's low ebb,
And her black beads shimmer,
And you're aching to move
But you're caught in the web
Of the Spider Woman,
In her velvet cape,
You can scream
But you cannot escape"

#2 Go with the S&M feel and add some no-joke boots.

#3 Even Spider Woman needs to go out for coffee with her girlfriends. Throw over some black-and-white spotted culottes and pink shoes to soften the dress.

All photos by the wonderful Denton Taylor!

Until next time, darlings!

Kisses xoxo

Ruthie Darling