An English Girl In New York

Primark Party - Three Ways To Wear

Hello Darlings,

Greetings from England! I'm currently in the sunny Midlands visiting my family, before I head south to London tomorrow. Although I am trying to relax (remember relaxing? yeah, me either), I couldn't resist a quick shoot with this cute little Primark aka Primarni dress that I picked up yesterday. I used the self-timer on the camera for these photos as, when I asked my mother to help, things went a little awry. I did try to explain to her that my camera lens does not have a zoom, therefore she would need to back up to get all of me in the frame, but to be careful because - but before I could finish the sentence she had gone arse over tit backwards into nextdoor's bush taking my Nikon with her! Classic Sal. Needless to say, I decided to try the self timer (after I extracted her from the laurel). Here it is #threewaystowear

#1 Wear with coloured wedges and geometric jewelry for a relaxed, but cool, daytime vibe. Love this iridescent mermaid backpack from Topshop!  

(These shoes are so old they are from the collaboration Giles Deacon did with New Look in 2010!)

#2 For a little land-girls-chic, I belted the dress with a wide waist-cincher and added a vintage headscarf and bag. The pop of colour works well with the muted tones of the dress dontcha think?

#3 And finally the Bushwick look. Open the dress and wear it over skinny jeans, neon sneakers for a oh-this?-I-just-threw-it-on look. Effortlessly cool. 

That's it for this week darlings. God knows what our neighbours must think we're up to, what with Sally falling into a bush and me posing on a garden chair all afternoon - they'll be gossip....!


RD xoxoxo

Ruthie Darling