An English Girl In New York

Sting, The Last Ship, Salt Lake City and Vintage Fashion!

Hi Darlings,

It's been a while since I've posted on the blog, that's because I've been appearing in The Last Ship in Salt Lake City, UT vintage shopping know....hanging out with Sting!!!!!

Photo: BW Productions. Left to right: Bryant Martin, Karen Azenberg, Sting, Ruthie Darling

Look at my mentiiiiile smile! Oh god, what an amazing moment. Sting wrote the music to The Last Ship and popped by to catch the performance and join us for a drink afterwards.  He really liked my performance and gushed to me about the last big note I held in my song. All I could muster in response was "Thanks.....Sting". Smooth Ruthie lol. 

It's been an amazing experience to be a part of this production. I'm not sure it will completely sink in until I leave Utah. Here is a video of Sting joining us up on stage. He touches my arm! #DEAD

Okay that's the big news out of the way, now onto the fash-un. 

Here in Salt Lake City there happens to be one of the best vintage stores I have ever visited in my life. The pieces are as amazing as the prices. I practically bought up the entire store! Expect many vintage outfits gracing the pages of this blog soon. Here is a sneak peak of a couple of gorgeous pieces I picked up. Huge thanks to my co-star Anne Tolpegin for taking these amazing shots around town. 

This perfect 1940's suit cost $30 - yes you read that right. Oh, it's so good to be out of New York sometimes! The shoes are also from Decades and the bag is Kate Spade - both gifts. 

Next up a duck egg blue dress, perfect for climbing on sculptures and posing for photos in!  

Ahh Salt Lake, you've been tremendous. Now to start putting all of these new purchases into some #threewaystowear shoots. Watch this space my darlings! 


RD xoxo