Sail On Silver Girl

Hey Fashionistas,

Have you ever bought a vintage silver skirt and not had a clue how to wear it? Me too! It looked great as I was standing, topless in a dressing room in Utah, but when I brought it home and laid it out on the bed I found myself puzzled as to what I should do with it. I looked down at the skirt, the skirt looked back at me and then it whispered: "Black, just pair me with's so easy..." Dammit skirt, I can do better than that! So after some musing and trying-on sessions, I came up with this #threewaystowear post.  Oh and spoiler alert, I did end up using black in one of the looks. Oh black, you're just so damn slimming.....


#1 Keep within the colour palette and layer on different grey tones. Add a dramatic hat and bright pumps to keep yourself from fading into the background. 

(We definitely did not choose this location because of the cute firemen, that was pure coincidence.) 

#2 For a Sandy from Grease meets slutty Lolita look (not a style you come across too often), add a cropped sweater, vintage denim jacket, dominatrix boots and ankle socks. You'll be adorable and terrifying at the same time #goals

#3 Okay so finally I relented. Keep it simple with black and a leather jacket. It's fucking cool, don't fight it. 

Photos by my darling Denton Taylor

Thank you for stopping by. See you soon. Stay sexy!

Maxi Skirt - Three Ways To Wear

Good Morning Darlings,

I am writing to you from Salt Lake City, Utah, where I am in rehearsals for The Last Ship at Pioneer Theatre. It's the musical written by my fellow countryman Sting (who is rumoured to be flying in for opening night - if I suddenly start wearing a lot of Dior and going on about tantric sex, you'll know what's happened....;)

On the blog today however, I am sharing some looks that I shot in my Mum's back garden in sunny England! She bought this blue maxi skirt from H&M for me (it was on sale of course) and here it is styled up three different ways. Enjoy!

RD xoxoxo

#1 Oh I do love to mix up some prints. Here it is with a floral "body" (remember them?) and some leopard-print boots.

#2 Another body (I'm telling you, they're making a come back), this time kept simple in black. Add some nude heels to look elegant AF.

Note the stickers on the bottom of my shoes - classy

#3 For a more "I've just been on holiday in Bali and I'm all enlightened" vibe, throw over a printed coat. Add Louboutins on your feet, so that people know you haven't completely turned your back on the capitalist system ;) Fashion is all about balance.

More soon, coming at you from Utah!


The Rack Shack

Hello Darlings,

It's a beautiful week in NYC. Spring has blissfully arrived like a drag queen breezing into a party "I'm here divas, get your hotpants on!".

I noticed a new store had opened up in my Bushwick hood recently called The Rack Shack. The store sells a curious combination of underwear/nightware and sneakers. The owner, Laura, is from Amsterdam and is skilled at sourcing underwear in hard to find sizes, making this store a pilgrimage spot for those woman large of breast and small of back, or vice versa. She also sells these AWESOME light-up sneakers. I was stopped about twenty times in the ten minutes I was wearing them. Forget Tinder - buy a pair of these badboys. 

In this post, I am wearing one of her vintage-style onesies. Here it is kiddos. 

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Wear with coloured heels and carry a vintage parasol for old movie chic.

#2 Feeling a little chilly? Throw over the most over-the-top coat you own. This one is Betsy Johnson that I picked up in a thrift store. Add flatforms to keep the look modern.

#3 Add the aforementioned trainers/sneakers and add a statement jacket. Keep the look cohesive with a black and gold belt.

What did I tell you - people cannot get enough of them!

Thank you to Laura at The Rack Shack and of course to the man, the legend, Denton Taylor for the photography.

See you all on Friday xoxo

Colour Block

Hi Darlings,

Happy Friday! The weather is really lifting my spirits here in sunny Bushwick. This morning I am labouring under my Bushwick Daily deadline (I am sooo Carrie Bradshaw!) then I'm off to meet the transatlantic advanced style maven and artist Sue Kreitzman. I am interviewing her for the blog and it will no doubt be a colourful explosion of art and style as Sue was once famously quoted as saying "Don't Wear Beige, it might kill you" - note taken.

Today's #threewaystowear is a little different than usual. I am showing you three examples of how I wear one colour per outfit. Here we have head-to-toe grey, yellow and red.


RD xoxo

#1 Grey. The trousers are vintage Yves Saint Laurent. I picked them up at a charity (thrift) shop on Marylebone High Street with Sal. An epic find. The necklace and cuff are by Anothai Hanson

#2 Yellow is hard to pull off, but divas - Spring is coming and the assault of the pastels WILL arrive - (movie trailer voice:) will you be ready?? Seriously though, break it up with a white shirt and, if the pencil skirt is tight like this one, keep the top loose - that way you can eat whatever the hell you want for lunch (priorities).

#3 A redhead wearing red? DEAL WITH IT. Make a statement in all red. Go big or go home as the children say.

Thanks to my partner in crime, the man behind the lens (and behind quite a lot of unsolicited fashion advice) Denton Taylor 

See you all next week for some fun collaborations!


Ruthie Darling xoxo

Freudian Slip

Hello Darlings,

Happy Friday to you all. I'm very pleased to announce that as of this week I am now the fashion correspondent at The Bushwick Daily. Woop! You can check out my first article here, I'm the Bill Cunningham of Bushwick!

Today on the blog I am giving the #threewaystowear treatment to a vintage slip dress. Nightwear worn in the day (including pyjamas!) was a huge trend that I spied during fashion week this year so, here it is style queens.


Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Add a vintage petticoat and throw over a soft, silk shirt. I dyed this shirt with the help of my friend Deena using only flowers and herbs. I am going to make a video showing the technique soon. It's super cool, very easy to do and makes the most beautiful designs and patterns. It's also organic which is pretty dope. No shoes really add to the woodland nymph/insane-to-be-barefoot-in-New-York vibe. Hey, it worked for Sandy Shaw...

#2 If walking around in a slip is too much for you, layer another dress over the top. I love the muted shades in this one, not to mention the tulip shape. Toughen up the look a little with boots. 

#3 To add a little edge, tie a neon scarf around you and add a neon neckpiece too. I really love the mix of vintage and modern.

Thanks as always to my darling photographer Denton Taylor, the man, the legend. 

See you next week fashionistas. Don't forget to follow along on instagram and facebook


Ruthie Darling xoxo

Back To Black

Hello Darlings,

It's April! Another month to look fabulous! Today I am styling up this gorgeous dress that was given to me by StylingOn - those girls are so sweet, check out their website. Here it is styled up three different ways.

Next week I will be working with a couple of brands and embarking on my first ever lingerie shoot, GOD HELP ME. I'm off to start my diet now.....maybe lift a weight......ugh that was exhausting. 

Enjoy fashionistas!


Ruthie Darling xoxo

P.S Mum, I am so sorry for the flagrant nipples on can cut off my inheritance now

#1 Let the dress do the talking (not that I had any choice), add shoes that are so high you are practically walking around en-pointe, comfort-schumfort. 

#2 To soften the look, add a 1950's vintage summer coat in muted shades. I've had this one since I was 18 so you do the mathS. I mean, don't obviously that would be frightening. Look, my point is, vintage lasts. It isn't worn out tat and it's good for the environment. Invest baybehs.

#3 Victoriana is big this year (I keep trying to tell you, you'll see...) so add a jacket with a nod to the era - like this one that sports a little bustle on the back. Think Queen Victoria, but with fewer chins. 

There you have it. I had such a great time on this shoot. Denton, you are so rude to me constantly, but I effing love you.

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Enjoy this beautiful day. 

....I have a heart like the sea, a million dreams are in me....

StylingOn Culottes Edition

Hello Friday Fashionistas,

It's Fri-yay and that means #threewaystowear 

Today I am lucky enough to have been lent these super cute culottes by the wonderful girls over at StylingOn. StylingOn is a New York based showroom and styling agency representing emerging designers while providing styling services worldwide. Check out their website!

Let's get started shall we?

#1 I am digging these cute Peter Pan-style culottes. Why not pair it with a cropped grey tee, an oversized necklace and some simple black boots? Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

#2 To add a little more glamour (and when do I ever say no to that?) Add a silver sweater and some delicate heels. Casual yet elegant. Keepin it classy (for once!)

#3 To make the look a little edgier, I added a salmon coloured leather vest. Village People chic with a 2016 twist no? The vest was also borrowed from StylingOn - they are so damn good to me :)

A big thank you to the StylinOn team for allowing me to raid their showroom. I will be showcasing an amazing dress that they lent me next week also, so stay tuned for that gem. 

As always much love and thanks to the man behind the lens Mr Denton Taylor. Always so rude to me, always makes me climb on dangerous things in heels to get the right shot, but always makes me look fab! 


Ruthie Darling xoxo

Friday Floral

Happy Friday Fashionistas,

We made it through the week yay. Today on the blog I am giving the #threewaystowear treatment to this charming 1940's tea dress that I picked up at the now defunct Family Jewels store on 23rd st. The every increasing NYC rents drove them out, however you can still purchase items at their Etsy shop.

#1 Wear with cute ankle boots and a little leather jacket for a laidback saturday vibe. Accesorise with modern, geometric jewels for some contrast.

#2 For a french girl in Paris look, add a cropped black polo neck (turtle neck in America I know, I know), some red patent ankle boots and an Alice In Wonderland necklace. Model it by scaling a sculpture, naturally. 

#3 Keep it simple (great advice for life too - see, you get so much more than just fashion here babies). Throw on your highest and most delicate heels (Louboutins encouraged, but make sure someone else buys them for you) and a vintage snakeskin belt. 

Oh hi there Denton!

sorry Dad

Okay now for a little competition: who can tell me where these photos were taken?  (The sculpture is a big clue). The prize is the smug satisfaction that you truly know New York City.

That's all for this week darlings. Huge thank yous to my darling photographer Denton Taylor, putting up with me like a champ!


Ruthie Darling xoxo

Pantaloon Party

Hello my little fashion kittens,

Today I am thrilled to be wearing another Emily Cremona piece - pantaloons no less! Now THAT is vintage-chic darlings. I resisted an almost overpowering urge to style them up with a parrot and hook-hand and instead went for these three looks. I collaborated again with my wonderful photographer Denton Taylor. It's good to be back Denton even though you drive me crazy ;) Here it is #threewaystowear 

#1 Wear with an elegant and simple striped top and cinch in the waist with a belt. Add a touch of flair with some leopard print booties. Finding some bonkers places to pose in this outfit gets you extra points - see below.


#2 Okay, time for a little glamour here. Wear with a vintage floral blouse, accessorizing with gold accents. Throw on the Louboutins and you're all set. Not ideal for walking around central park, but lord knows I love a challenge.

#3 Regular readers of this blog will know my love for Norma Desmond and other old, slightly demented, movie stars. You too can sport this look, dear fashionistas! Turban or headscarf - check. Fur collared jacket - check. Oversized sunglasses that are so dark they make you walk into glass doors at delis - check.

That's it for this week darling readers. More fun and fashion coming up on Tuesday. Big thanks to Deena of Emily Cremona and my doll Denton Taylor. 

Oh and just in case you thought I could resist.....

Keeping it classy.....


Ruthie Darling xoxo 

Goth Girl

Hello Darlings,

Today on the blog we are having a little #threewaystowear fun. I found this Victoriana-style sheer dress in the sale at H&M.  Victoriana is a look that is definitely in this season. See this article from Fashionista on the subject. 

Here it is. Enjoy darlings!

Ruthie Darling xoxo


#1 Wear over black skinnys with gold accesories. Stand by graffiti for extra street-cool

#2 Dress down the look with a sweet grey sweater and some leopard print boots. Adding the blue jeans underneath makes them stand out more against the sheet fabric

#3 For a more glamourous look add last year's bodycon skirt over the top of the dress. The skirt has a corset type effect, leaving the fabric to billow out at the bottom. 

A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots


Hello Darlings,

It's 2016 and, as you can tell, the blog has moved to this snappy new address. So has Ruthie Darling herself in fact. I am now residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn, home to artisanal coffees, organic sushi and people who are waaaaay cooler than me. I'm hanging out here until they realise I'm an imposter and throw me out. Until then please enjoy the new look blog which has now expanded to include some Bushwick People, Restaurant Reviews, Three Ways To Wear, How To Wear and coming soon New York Fashion Week from the shows and backstage!

Today I'm launching with my staple #threewaystowear this time I am showcasing some leopard print trousers from Zara

Love you Divas,

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Wear with a peter pan collared shirt for a cute 1950's vibe with a modern twist. (Note: opened toed shoes in February in NY are not advisable. Leave it to the professionals/masochistbloggersfromEngland)

#2 For French-Spy chic add a black polo neck (turtleneck to you Yanks) and fabulous flats. Octopus optional, but encouraged.


#3 For a more daytime/street look add an oversized sweater, sneaks and a hat. 


And that's it. Rock that leopard. See you all soon.

Love, Ruthie Darling xoxo

Photos by Jeff Still 

Last of the Summer Outfits

Hello Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday to you all. It seems like summer is finally cooling off here in NYC and I'm already eyeing up all of the Autumn-wear in the stores that I can't afford. #artistproblems #sendfreestuff

So, to honour the last days of summer, here is an adorable Topshop onesie dressed up #threewaystowear

Love to you all Darlings!

RD xoxo

#1 Wear over a stripey t-shirt, with red shoes and a bow in your hair. (A little matchy-matchy sure, but who cares I look like an adorable cupcake.)

#2 Dress the look up with a red jacket and tie a vintage scarf around your hair into a turban - instant glamour!

#3 Add a vintage cropped jacket and vintage lace gloves (these were my great grandmother's!!) for a romantic vibe.

Photos by the fabulous 

Denton Taylor

For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE to eat. With that in mind here is the final shot:

Mmmmmm Bagels.......

London Calling

Happy Friday Fashion Darlings,

Today your English Girl In New York is actually in London! East london to be exact. The home of the best vintage stores, street art and disconcertingly cheap curries.

On the corner of Hanbury and Brick Lane I met my London secret weapon - photographer 

Juliette Carton

. This fabulous girl is only 18 years old and is already pretty hot on the London music photography scene. Check out her website to see more.

The outfit I have on today is an oversized trapeze dress which I bought from a stall at

Spitalfields Market

. The young designer, originally from Thailand, says she has no brand name, website or instagram. So if you like the dress (there were many more colours and patterns) head over to Spitalfields and find her stall in the outside part of the market opposite the Leon. 

Here it is #threewaystowear

#1 Wear over skinny jeans and platform boots for a casual "yes I'm always this cool" look.

#Vintage the s*** out of the dress by belting it at the waist and adding some vintage heels and a vintage headscarf.

#3 Play up the unusual shape of the dress by wearing with flatforms and geometric sunglasses. A side pony ain't just for women in spandex leotards you know, rock that side pony with pride.

Thanks again to the wonderful 


More London photos coming next week. Until then divas!

RD xoxo


Hello Fashionistas,

I am writing to you from sunny England where I have been for the last two weeks, visiting family and friends and hitting up the fabulous shops and markets of London town. Photos coming very soon....

Today on the blog I am showcasing a dress gifted to me by the wonderful online fashion mecca that is 


. Thanks team!

Here it is #threewaystowear 

Happy Summer my lovely FashionSquad!


Ruthie Darling xo

#1 If you're going to go all neon-cyclist-chic at least match the shoes too. Also be warned: whenever I wear this outfit I find myself singing "'let's get VISIBLE" in my head to the tune of Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical". Could just be me though...

#2 Overlay the skirt with another long lace number, belt it and add a hat. Also check out the Iris Apfel sunnies I have on. I bought them in an old lady pharmacy in Palm Beach. They were right next to the turbans...

#3 For a more romantic look, I added a cropped grey t-shirt, some hologram sandals and a statement necklace. Tones down the neon somewhat and gives the dress a more casual vibe. 

Photos by the wonderful 

Denton Taylor

Oh and just incase you thought I'd made it through a shoot without being a total idiot, think again:

Boyish Ways - Three Ways To Wear

Hey Fashionistas, 

Here's an extra little style post for the weekend. A fellow blogger and stylist Arianna Lopez of 

Boyish Ways

, sent me her own three ways to wear! Check her out below and also take a look at her


, it's so gorgeous,  I can't stop reading it. Every post is so on point and she's only 21! 

Here she is styling up these adorable cropped pants. Enjoy!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Wear with silver sneakers. Nuff said.

#2 Add a leather bomber and some chic sandals. YES.

#3 For an evening look, wear with killer shoes and a casual jacket.

Thanks Arianna!



Think Pink!

Greetings Fashion Geeks,

It's another steamy day here in NYC - the perfect excuse to IV iced coffee all day long (like I need an excuse). 

Today on the blog it's all about

pink. This

 made me think of the fabulous musical number from the film Funny Face, called "Think Pink". Watch it 


 - it's like a a camp, musical, version of The Devil Wears Prada....on crack.....covered in glitter. 

Here is today's dress #threewaystowear

Have a wonderful, latte-filled day!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Let a dress like this shine. Add some super high heels and dance around in the street because, you know, that's normal...

#2 To give the dress a more 60's feel, I clipped in the underdress and let the lace fall like a cape. I added a little bow to my hair and some leopard print shoes. Oh, and you know how I feel about big necklaces....

#3 Belt the dress and add a ridiculous petticoat - as you know, fashion isn't fashion without a little of the ridiculous thrown in.

Dress: H&M

Outfit One: Shoes: Forever 21

Outfit Two: Shoes: Forever 21, Necklace & Hair Bow: Primark

Outfit Three: Petticoat: Vintage, Shoes: Necessary Clothing, Hat: Forever 21

Photos by the glorious 

Denton Taylor

Have a lovely week!

Grayson Clothing - Part One

Hello Fashionistas,

Today I am very excited to share with you my collaboration with the new clothing brand 


. They specialise in junior (stop laughing bitches) fashions at awesome prices. 

Last week I was lucky enough to receive two items from their current collection. Here is the first: a sweet, striped, cropped top - showcased here in my #threewaystowear

My model today is the actress Catharine League, who played Fredrika in 'A Little Night Music' with me in Palm Beach. Catharine is currently working at Disney World playing Ariel in the Little Mermaid. She is also a figure-skating-diva. Check out her video at the end of this post.

Here she is, enjoy darlings! Oh and check out Friday's post to see the other item they sent me, modeled by another actress from the show, Cristina Flores. 

RD xoxo

#1 Wear with a vintage petticoat. (Gone-With-The-Wind-chic?) The black booties give it a more modern feel 

"Flatley my dear, I don't riverdance"

#2 For a forties nod, wear with high waisted linen trousers and an adorable headscarf. Catharine The Riveter

 ladies and gentlemen:

#3 For a more elegant look, wear with a satin wrap-around skirt and the obligatory Louboutins. Accesorise with palm trees, natch.

A big Thank You to Grayson Clothing and Catharine my model. 

Visit their website 


 and you can follow them on social media on these links:






Before I leave you, here is Catharine being ridiculously good at figure skating. Stop having so many talents dammit #upstager

Palm Beach Vintage Adventures

Hello Fashionistas,

Happy Friday darlings. Today on the blog I have a special guest, my cast-mate from 'A Little Night Music', 

Brittany Baratz

. Brittany is the fabulous high soprano of our show and could be described as Joan Collins meets a Jewish grandma:  glamourous, always ready with a zinger and often providing the dressing room with sage words of wisdom. Check out her


to learn more about her talents and to see some video of her in action. 

As I continue to raid the costume department here at the theatre, I am finding some fabulous, and very Palm Beachy, gems. Here is Brittany modeling some of these vintage treasures. 

#1 Check out this awesome 1960's dress, worn with a turban and huge sunglasses....poolside naturally....

#2 This fabulous jacket is a old-lady statement piece of it's own. It's tropical print contains flowers and birds and is perfect thrown of jeans and a t-shirt for a more modern look 

#3 In case you were missing me readers, here I am up a tree (where else?) wearing a gorgeous skirt taken from a recent Le Liaisons Dangereuses

 production and worn with a crop top and sneakers

My thanks to darling Brittany for being such a fab model.

Oh and in case you thought I had made it through a photo shoot without doing something ridiculous, here is a photo of me falling out of the tree....

Keeping it classy 

Picnic Princess

Darling Fashionistas,

Week two of rehearsals here in West Palm Beach are going well and I'm typing this from my dressing room, surrounded by glamourous showgirls. (It could be worse right?)

Today on the blog, I'm wearing an all red ensemble. The skirt is light enough for the scorching Florida heat and, in a pinch, 

can be used 

as a picnic blanket ;)

Happy Friday Divas!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

Top: Vintage

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Primark

Photos: the lovely 

Denton Taylor

For similar looks check out the links below!

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