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Ruthie Darling HQ


Hello Darlings,

Today on the blog I am opening up Darling HQ to you, dear readers, to show you how my style extends to my Bushwick apartment. I only moved in at the end of last year, so it's a work in progress, but I hope you enjoy taking a little tour around my place.

Love to you all!

Ruthie Darling xoxo


My little home office:

The desk is from Ikea and was wooden when it arrived. I painted it mint green and neon red using spray paints from local Bushwick art supply store Low Brow Artique

Here is my coffee table. Also from Ikea. I spray painted it gold and added marble-effect contact paper on the bottom shelf for a more expensive look. You never knew I was so crafty right? 

You won't believe me, but the candle on the right was bought as a gift for my bloke by Keira Knightly. Yeah, I snaffled that as soon as I could. The Jo Malone candle was a gift from my Mum for Christmas. I nearly killed JS when he lit it


JS: "Jeez sorry I thought people lit candles...."


JS: "Yeah, um, can you please stop yelling"

I found this chair on the street. I brought it home, sanded and painted it. Pretty cute right?

I wanted to create a gallery wall, so I hit up the Goodwill (American charity shop) to find some frames.

Let's go into the kitchen and have a cup of builders eh? I looked bloody everywhere for some pretty coffee/tea/sugar canisters and, I'm sorry NYC, but I couldn't find any!!! These were picked up at discount home store in England and stuffed into my (already overpacked) suitcase. Up your homewear-game New York.

Here's my little kitchen table. I am hoping to find a cute cart to create my own drinks cabinet, but in the meantime I am keeping my whiskey in this vintage-style suitcase that my Mum picked up at the pound shop (dollar store)!

The whiskey glasses were a gift from the lovely Marty.

I love this whiskey bottle. It's very Alice in Wonderland chic. If you look through the keyhole, you'll find the key. (Bloody hell, that sounds like an inspirational quote you might find superimposed over a picture of a waterfall on instagram lol) 

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice the Cath Kidston. All housewarming gifts from Sal :)

I created the gold, stripey fridge by wrapping the doors in gold duct tape. What do you think?

There is a room between the living room and the bedroom that has no windows. It's kind of a perfect spot for, say, a hostage room or perhaps a walk in closet. I opted for the latter and here is the result.

The shelving unit for the shoes was also a white Ikea purchase that I spray painted gold.

Ahh my favourite hello and my hardest goodbye - my bed. 

The dressing table is a little treasure trove of vintage perfume bottles and trinkets picked up on my travels. 

The gloves belonged to great grandma Margaret #oldskool

I added glass nobs to this ikea dresser. (I used a screwdriver and everything) They were purchased at the pound store in England as they cost the earth here in NYC for some reason. 

My little Russian dolls were a gift years ago from my friend and writer Marc Kristal

I think it's safe to say that I'm no minimalist.......

Thanks for stopping by fashionistas. Next time bring some cake will ya?

Lots of Love,

Ruthie Darling xoxo