Southern Belle - Part One Y'All

Hi Darlings,

As you may or may not be aware, these last couple of weeks I have been immersed in a production of Hedwig And The Angry Inch in North Carolina. A musical about transgender people in the HB2 state - yep, what the hell was I thinking? You can read about my experiences with this show in an article I am writing for Curve Magazine, so watch this space theatre-luvvies!

Dressing as a man every night for this show, has somehow brought out my feminine side in my real life. After much pleading with Tom the artistic director of the theatre, I raided the costume shop and discovered these beautiful vintage dresses. 

I shot the looks at the majestic Fair Oaks house - a spectacular Greek revival home built in 1859 here in the same town as the theatre. I had cycled past the house a few times and called the owner, the lovely and generous Jane Stewart, who let me use the space and also ended up art directing the shoot! Talk about right place, right time! 

Check out my Southern Belle looks below, sigh, why I can't I live this way everyday....

Photos by Cassandra Vallery

Oh this late 40's dress is so gorgeous. The perfect spring ensemble!

Costume shops are always full of wedding dresses - lord knows the best musicals end on a wedding ;) I added a flower crown to this beauty and some converse sneaks to keep it real. (Also I now know why women used to swoon - it's bloody hot in this formal gown in The South!)

Doing my best Vivien Leigh.....

This jump suit was handmade by someone way back when. It may need to take a little trip up to Bushwick........

Part Two coming up on Friday! Have a beautiful, happy week kittens.


Ruthie Darling xoxo

Spring Fever

Hello Fashionistas, 

It's Spring, it's spring!! 

*Spins around with arms outstretched channeling Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music* 

Oh thank the effing lord it's warm outside and sun is shining. The trees down here in the village are covered in blossom and even the most jaded New Yorkers are smiling. 

In this post I'm giving the #threewaystowear treatment to a pair of floral culottes from Primarni. 

Enjoy darlings,

Ruthie Darling xo

#1 Florals with floral. Hey, it's effin springtime Scrooges, put on your flowers!  

#2 Floral and stripes are darling together, play up the french vibe with a sweet little cardigan and ballet flats.

#3 For an edgier look, team the culottes with some badass wedges a crop top and even throw on a leather jacket. 

Outfit one: Shirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Outfit Two: Cardigan: Miss Selfridge, Shoes: Primarni

Outfit 3: Crop Top: Necessary Clothing, Shoes: Forever 21, Jacket: Topshop


Denton Taylor

Enjoy the weather darlings!