Greenwich Village Hotel & Restaurant Guide

Hi Darlings,

Listen, I hate to complain (who am I kidding? I'm English!) but THIS WEATHER!!! My photographer and I have decided to go on strike for the rest of the week until the sun comes out again. In place of the usual #threewaystowear, for this post we are featuring three ways to....dine. This is the Ruthie Darling Guide to the Top Three Fashionista Spots in NYC. (Or rather the top three spots within high-heeled-walking distance of the subway). 

You have the style, now take it out on the town darlings!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Margaux at The Marlton Hotel

8th Street in Greenwich village has been undergoing a transformation of late. In recent years I only ever visited it when I was picking up a halloween costume, (last year I was a space-girl, a look that will never make an appearance on this blog, hey we all make mistakes kids). Now however, walk up from 6th Ave to 5th and it's like a Willamsburg bomb went off down there. At the back of the swanky Marlton Hotel is a bar and restaurant called Margaux. Here you will find the fashion crowd sipping cocktails and pretending to eat. 

If you think green juices are just for yogis and people who hate themselves, think again. A lot of the drinks here are made with cold pressed juices mixed with the spirit of your choice. Kale juice features prominently on the cocktail menu which is great if you accidentally stumble in from Bushwick and are feeling homesick.

There is also a cute espresso bar for the days when you are recovering from the aforementioned gin and kale juice experiment. After all, juice does not negate the effects of the tequila it was mixed with darlings, remember that. You don't want your strut to turn into a stumble. Keep it classy, bitches. 

Oh and they also serve posh food. Quinoa is definitely on the menu. And it's probably organic. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm open to invitations.


5 West 8th Street,

New York, NY


The Happiest Hour

The Happiest Hour is a fun little spot on W10th street. It opened recently and has a kind of Americana, Tiki, 1950's vibe. In fact, just before its launch, we did a shoot there:

My partner in crime and I hit this place up soon after its launch and had some delicious burgers and a side of "salt and pepper broccoli" which was so good we ordered a second bowl #don'tjudgeus

Fashionistas love this place and my favourite NYC fashion blogger, Bea of Atlantic Pacific was spotted here last week, though she probably ordered the kale salad and a sparkling water. And then arranged them perfectly on her table. And then photographed them.

The Happiest Hour

121 W10th Street,

New York, NY


The Greenwich Project

Back we go to 8th Street (I'm telling you, this street us up and coming) to the sweet little Greenwich Project. This beautiful restaurant, bar, and cafe is a perfect spot for writing one's fashion blog whilst sipping an espresso (she says wistfully as she writes this from her kitchen table in Primark pajamas). 

The food here is lovely, but what really caught my eye about this place is that they serve high tea!! To any English Girl In New York this is the ultimate holy grail. Not just high tea, it's high tea on crack. Yeah, yeah, there are cucumber sandwiches but they also serve 'fig and brie' and 'truffle egg salad'. In your face Claridges!!

The Greenwich Project

47 W8th Street,

New York, NY


Have a great weekend fashion darlings and feel free to tell me about your favourite NYC fashionista hang outs. 

RD xoxo

Goth Girl

Hello Darlings,

Today on the blog we are having a little #threewaystowear fun. I found this Victoriana-style sheer dress in the sale at H&M.  Victoriana is a look that is definitely in this season. See this article from Fashionista on the subject. 

Here it is. Enjoy darlings!

Ruthie Darling xoxo


#1 Wear over black skinnys with gold accesories. Stand by graffiti for extra street-cool

#2 Dress down the look with a sweet grey sweater and some leopard print boots. Adding the blue jeans underneath makes them stand out more against the sheet fabric

#3 For a more glamourous look add last year's bodycon skirt over the top of the dress. The skirt has a corset type effect, leaving the fabric to billow out at the bottom. 

Palm Beach Vintage Adventures

Hello Fashionistas,

Happy Friday darlings. Today on the blog I have a special guest, my cast-mate from 'A Little Night Music', 

Brittany Baratz

. Brittany is the fabulous high soprano of our show and could be described as Joan Collins meets a Jewish grandma:  glamourous, always ready with a zinger and often providing the dressing room with sage words of wisdom. Check out her


to learn more about her talents and to see some video of her in action. 

As I continue to raid the costume department here at the theatre, I am finding some fabulous, and very Palm Beachy, gems. Here is Brittany modeling some of these vintage treasures. 

#1 Check out this awesome 1960's dress, worn with a turban and huge sunglasses....poolside naturally....

#2 This fabulous jacket is a old-lady statement piece of it's own. It's tropical print contains flowers and birds and is perfect thrown of jeans and a t-shirt for a more modern look 

#3 In case you were missing me readers, here I am up a tree (where else?) wearing a gorgeous skirt taken from a recent Le Liaisons Dangereuses

 production and worn with a crop top and sneakers

My thanks to darling Brittany for being such a fab model.

Oh and in case you thought I had made it through a photo shoot without doing something ridiculous, here is a photo of me falling out of the tree....

Keeping it classy