Bushwick Vintage Part 1


If you read my articles on Bushwick Daily you'll know that Bushwick, Brooklyn is home to a fantastic array of vintage shops for the discerning (and broke) fashionista! Last week I discovered a new boutique called Chess and the Sphinx. I spent a small fortune in there, sure, but check out this amazing haul! Also, an oldie but goodie is the chain L Train Vintage which just opened up a new location a block from my apartment eek! I picked up the blue floral dress at the end of the post for $5, yes $5 - too good to pass up! Here it all is..... 

1. This gorgeous little dress is originally from Brooks Brothers!

This delightful handmade navy blue suit was on the mannequin in the window. It was what drew me into the store in the first place. When I tried it on, it fit perfectly - like it was made for me!  I loved it so much I had to immediately take photos in it despite the pouring rain! (I am a Brit after all, a little rain won't kill me).

The Kate Spade was a present. Fancy eh? 

Now what about this coat (for $85) beautiful red wool, just heaven and so bloody warm!

Finally the $5 dress paired with an H&M coat and some Dr Martens. Classic Brit chic.

More Bushwick vintage coming soon! Watch this space kiddos!

Ruthie Darling xoxo

Sail On Silver Girl

Hey Fashionistas,

Have you ever bought a vintage silver skirt and not had a clue how to wear it? Me too! It looked great as I was standing, topless in a dressing room in Utah, but when I brought it home and laid it out on the bed I found myself puzzled as to what I should do with it. I looked down at the skirt, the skirt looked back at me and then it whispered: "Black, just pair me with black....it's so easy..." Dammit skirt, I can do better than that! So after some musing and trying-on sessions, I came up with this #threewaystowear post.  Oh and spoiler alert, I did end up using black in one of the looks. Oh black, you're just so damn slimming.....


#1 Keep within the colour palette and layer on different grey tones. Add a dramatic hat and bright pumps to keep yourself from fading into the background. 

(We definitely did not choose this location because of the cute firemen, that was pure coincidence.) 

#2 For a Sandy from Grease meets slutty Lolita look (not a style you come across too often), add a cropped sweater, vintage denim jacket, dominatrix boots and ankle socks. You'll be adorable and terrifying at the same time #goals

#3 Okay so finally I relented. Keep it simple with black and a leather jacket. It's fucking cool, don't fight it. 

Photos by my darling Denton Taylor

Thank you for stopping by. See you soon. Stay sexy!

Freudian Slip

Hello Darlings,

Happy Friday to you all. I'm very pleased to announce that as of this week I am now the fashion correspondent at The Bushwick Daily. Woop! You can check out my first article here, I'm the Bill Cunningham of Bushwick!

Today on the blog I am giving the #threewaystowear treatment to a vintage slip dress. Nightwear worn in the day (including pyjamas!) was a huge trend that I spied during fashion week this year so, here it is style queens.


Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Add a vintage petticoat and throw over a soft, silk shirt. I dyed this shirt with the help of my friend Deena using only flowers and herbs. I am going to make a video showing the technique soon. It's super cool, very easy to do and makes the most beautiful designs and patterns. It's also organic which is pretty dope. No shoes really add to the woodland nymph/insane-to-be-barefoot-in-New-York vibe. Hey, it worked for Sandy Shaw...

#2 If walking around in a slip is too much for you, layer another dress over the top. I love the muted shades in this one, not to mention the tulip shape. Toughen up the look a little with boots. 

#3 To add a little edge, tie a neon scarf around you and add a neon neckpiece too. I really love the mix of vintage and modern.

Thanks as always to my darling photographer Denton Taylor, the man, the legend. 

See you next week fashionistas. Don't forget to follow along on instagram and facebook


Ruthie Darling xoxo

Syndicated Tarot Tales


Hello Darlings,

Today at RD we are hanging out with Bushwick Artist and friend of the blog Deena Wassef. When I met up with Deena, she was reading tarot cards at the newly opened hotspot Syndicated. A gorgeous new bar, restaurant and movie theatre down on Bogart St.  I interviewed her about her favourite things about Bushwick and of course we found time for a little fashion shoot too. Deena told me that she picked up this lace vintage dress from a witch in Scotland. Hey, who am I to argue?

So D, tell me where you think you can get the best......

RD: Cocktail?

DW: El Cortez baybeh, but beware the Hurricane!!!

RD: Dollar Oysters?

DW: I don't like oysters yueck

RD: (What is wrong with you people!?)

RD: Coffee?

DW: Ange Noir Cafe, love my French family!


RD: Vintage?

DW: Beacon's Closet or, actually, my closet!

RD: Pizza?

DW: I mean, Robertas! (Also stay for the desserts, they are amazing!)

RD: Burger?

DW: Cafe Ghia - it's a Vegan Burger though. Are you angry with that answer?

RD: Very

Lol thanks Deena Darling. I hope we'll see a few more of your designs gracing the blog soon.

Thanks for reading lovely readers. Photos by Ms Darling.


Ruthie Darling xoxo



A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots


Hello Darlings,

It's 2016 and, as you can tell, the blog has moved to this snappy new address. So has Ruthie Darling herself in fact. I am now residing in Bushwick, Brooklyn, home to artisanal coffees, organic sushi and people who are waaaaay cooler than me. I'm hanging out here until they realise I'm an imposter and throw me out. Until then please enjoy the new look blog which has now expanded to include some Bushwick People, Restaurant Reviews, Three Ways To Wear, How To Wear and coming soon New York Fashion Week from the shows and backstage!

Today I'm launching with my staple #threewaystowear this time I am showcasing some leopard print trousers from Zara

Love you Divas,

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 Wear with a peter pan collared shirt for a cute 1950's vibe with a modern twist. (Note: opened toed shoes in February in NY are not advisable. Leave it to the professionals/masochistbloggersfromEngland)

#2 For French-Spy chic add a black polo neck (turtleneck to you Yanks) and fabulous flats. Octopus optional, but encouraged.


#3 For a more daytime/street look add an oversized sweater, sneaks and a hat. 


And that's it. Rock that leopard. See you all soon.

Love, Ruthie Darling xoxo

Photos by Jeff Still 

Red Alert

Hello Fashionistas,

Happy Tuesday from sunny (and I use that word ironically) London. Today on the blog I am wearing a fantastic asymmetric skirt bought in the Marks and Spencer's sale (who knew they were so cool!?)

The photos are again by the delightful



Here it is #threewaystowear

#1 Wear with a shirt and jumper in neutral colours to really let the skirt shine. Add flatforms to keep it edgy.

#2 For a more romantic vibe wear with a sweet floral top and vintage heels. Perfect for a late summer brunch. Also please enjoy the incredible creepy door knocker....

#3 Go big or go home. Crop top, platform boots, massive church. DONE

Until next time fashion divas!

RD xoxo