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The Love Market


Hello Darlings,

It was a gorgeous Sunday here in Bushwick, perfect for brunch and strolling around a market. This used to be a typical Sunday for me when I lived in London. My bestie/roommate Gemma and I would grab breakfast and then hit up Spitalfields on a Sunday for the vintage fashion and small designers, we'd then head over to Brick Lane for more vintage and maybe Indian food. This is something I've missed since moving stateside, but I think Brooklyn is finally catching on. Bushwick now boasts two weekend markets - The Bushwick Flea and The Shwick Market. I highly recommend both.

This weekend The People's Market hosted a "Love Market" for all things romance related. It was hosted by the incredible House of Yes aka "The Best Venue Ever". If you are not familiar with them, I STRONGLY recommend you check out their website, like seriously, do it now then come back and we'll continue. 

Done? Okay. So,  I checked out the Love Market and chatted with vendors about their products. What was interesting to me was the amount of business owners that exclusively use Etsy instead of a physical store. Makes sense considering the ridiculous NYC rents. Good for them! Here is a selection of them with links to their sites. Enjoy!


Ruthie Darling xoxo 

Fancy a cocktail while you shop? They have that covered. Drunk purchases are the best. No guilt. (Until tomorrow obvs but, too late then!)

Upon entering we were greeted by this hat vendor. Amazing #catONthehat

Next a stall called Trashed In The Dress selling these gorgeous and hilarious bracelets. Some of the enscriptions include: "yes I know the guac is extra" and "namastay in bed".

The stall owner Randi told us how she wanted to display her work along side her collection of unicorn 'my little ponys' from 1983, so her fabulous husband spent hours shampooing their manes and scubbing them with a toothbrush #relationshipgoals

Next up was Indian designer and curator Deepti Kapoor Chhatwal of Fiza Fashion she had some beautiful Indian jewellry and sari fabrics

Next stop, one of my faves, Lindsey White jewelry. OMG these headdresses though....

Someone buy these for me!!

Don't know these guys' name but cupcakes on skateboards, need I say more......

Here's another of the market and super cool venue...

New Bushwick shop/gallery Risk put in an appearance. They have a bricks and mortar store on Varet Street and it's da bomb. I have defo made purchases there. They have a stellar (and very reasonably priced) vintage section and they print t-shirts. For Mr Darling's birthday I had them print a t-shirt saying "The Darlings". Super cute (i'm sure he cringes every time I FORCE him to wear it)

This venue.....

Next up my favourite vendor of the day Beryl Fine of Houte Chocolate. Damn this chocolate is not only delish but also beautifully packaged. She takes all the photos herself and designs the wrappers. A true renaissance woman. Love this girl. The rosemary chocolate is to die for. Fuck the diet, this shit is gooooood. 

Here's Ruthie Darling taking a little selfie in the disco ball themed bathroom

And my date for the day Oddity 

And finally, your girl Ruthie Darling outside of the House Of Yes

Thanks for stopping by darlings,

Love RD xoxo