An English Girl In New York

Back To Black

Hi Darlings,

I found this dress stuffed down the side of the bed in the spare room . No idea where it's from -perhaps one of our revolving-door-artists left it here? Anyway (once washed) it's quite charming. Don't forget to check out Sally's Three Ways To Wear at the bottom of the post. 

"....We only said goodbye in words....I died a hundred times....You go back to her and I go Back To Black....."

Dress: Unknown

Photos by: Denton Taylor

#1 Wear statement belt with matching colour vintage hat (with a feather in the hat would look good!) Pile on the chunky bangles/necklaces for full wow effect

#2. Wear a see through voil/netting long coat with a 1920s feel - big collar etc  - hair in a high bun to elongate the look to full advantage - heeled boots/shoes

#3. Wear a circular skirt of midi length in a contrasting colour soft/net material over the dress with a wide shiny contrasting belt - hair in bouffant style up do or half-up do

Ruthie Darling