Earn Your Stripes

Hello Fashion Darlings,

Perhaps I'm going crazy but didn't I notice some sunshine this weekend? Maybe spring has finally sprung. Perfect timing really as we are having our kitchen remodeled this weekend so the apartment currently looks like the inside of Britney Spears' mind circa the head shaving incident. 

On the plus side it has encouraged me to go outside and take some photos at last! This week I am dressing up (and dressing down) a stripey pencil skirt from the bargain mecca that is Forever 21 #threewaystowear

Enjoy Fashionistas!

RD xoxo

#1 Double up the stripes. Yes, that's right, stripes on stripes - go big or go home right?

#2 Dress it down with an oversized sweater. Dots and stripes are very cute together.

#3 Throw some colour into the mix, with a yellow sweater and neon wedges

Skirt: Forever 21
Look One: Top and Shoes: Necessary Clothing, Jacket: Marks & Spencer, Ring: Topshop
Look Two: Sweater: Necessary Clothing
Look Three: Sweater: H&M, Wedges: Primark

Photos: Denton Taylor

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