An English Girl In New York

Easter Bonnet Parade

Hi Darlings,

Yesterday was the annual NYC Easter Bonnet Parade. The sun came out and so did the fashionistas who were strutting their stuff up on 5th Avenue. Check out some of the looks below. The hat I'm wearing I actually found lying around my apartment (I know that sounds insane but this is what happens when artists live together!) So I dusted her off and painted her up a little and she was quite the hit! One photographer asked me what I was representing, I told her I was walking for amputee barbies (as the doll on the top of my hat only has one arm), she looked very sincere and dutifully noted it down. I really hope that appears in print somewhere.....!!

Happy Monday Darlings!

RD xoxo

Here I am with my photographer's fabulous wife and nephew team:

Some action shots:

Here I am with some Advanced Fashion Stars. To my left is Carol Markel - check out her fabulous blog here and on the end of the photo the fabulous texter is Debra Rapoport from the documentary Advanced Style, read all about her here

Last but not least are my favourite style icons Valerie and Jean of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas Blog #fashionheros

Photos by Denton Taylor (and Teresa Taylor!)

Ruthie Darling