An English Girl In New York

Grayson Clothing Part Two

Hello Fashion Darlings,

I am currently typing this from sunny England! I'm here (and around Europe) for the month attending a wedding in a castle, hitting up the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and generally causing trouble! Before we get into the European photos though, here is the second part of the Grayson collaboration that we shot in Palm Beach, FL, last month.

The second item they generously sent me, was a pair of cosmic leggings. Worn here by the darling Cristina Flores. Cristina is a singer for a fabulous international band called The Social. Based out of Miami, they travel the world performing at parties for the glitterati. Check out their work here

Here we are #threewaystowear

Ruthie Darling xoxo

#1 A nod to the film Clueless (ugh as if), we threw on a loose, chiffon blouse and then added a tight crop top. Worn with bright pumps to complete the look. #winningattheleggingsgame

# 2 Go with the crazy pattern and, rather than trying to play it down, play it up and add a crazy patterned dress to it! Get ready to be noticed though (as if you weren't ready for that, divas)

#3 Okay, okay, they ARE leggings aka comfy, casual pants. I guess we can dress them down if you insist. Here they are with a metallic tee and some sneaks. Don't forget the 1950's frilly ankle socks though. 

A huge thank you to GraysonShop and to Cristina Flores

RD xoxo
Ruthie Darling